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About Me

My name is Çelim Yıldızhan and I’m an Assistant Professor of Finance at the Terry College of Business, at the University of Georgia. My research is in the intersection of empirical finance and archival accounting research.

I earned my PhD in finance at the University of Michigan and my thesis focused on better understanding the pricing of default risk in equity markets and since then I have expanded into studying supplier-customer links, innate business complexity, managerial entrenchment and relative performance evaluation.

Published Papers

“Is there a Distress Risk Anomaly? Pricing of Systematic Default Risk in the Cross Section of Equity Returns” Review of Finance: March 2018, Vol. 22, No. 2, pp. 633–660 (with Deniz Angıner)

“Customer-base concentration, profitability and the relationship life cycle,”
The Accounting Review: May 2016, Vol. 91, No. 3, pp. 883-906 (with Paul Irvine and Shawn Saeyeul Park)

Working Papers

“Firm Complexity and Post-Earnings-Announcement Drift” (with Alexander Barinov and Shawn Saeyeul Park), under revision 

“Do Individual Investors Ignore Transaction Costs?” (with Xue Snow Han and Deniz Anginer), Revise and Resubmit at the Review of Asset Pricing Studies

“It's personal, not strictly business: Manager entrenchment through personal relationships” (with Deniz Anginer and Paul Irvine), prepared for submission (will be uploaded here soon)

Works in Progress

“Relative Performance Evaluation and Financial Reporting Quality” (with John Campbell, Jinjing Liu and Deniz Anginer)

Impact of Transparency on Voluntary Disclosures: A Natural Experiment (with Stephen Baginski, Xue Snow Han and Deniz Anginer)


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